Golf preview

Care for a golfing excursion anyone?

Bunnies are great for practice shots.

These bunnies are trained to tuck and roll with their specially pliable steel-infused skeletons. They love it!

Here's to you brave bunnies. Let's hope you like rockets and anti gravity fields too.


Screenshot Saturday

Now that the game is getting nearer to completion I am taking the time to make better art. That being the case I have a lot more to show this week!

I've been working on making the beginning of the game better. Before it would take about 7 missions before the player would "get it" and start to see the heart of the game. I need that to happen within the first 5 minutes.

The game was recently shown at Rezzed and though I recieved a lot of great feedback, some of it reinforced why I needed to reinvigorate the beginning. I'm very happy with the new direction the game is taking and I can't wait to start playtesting. All of these screenshots are from the new opening.


Say hello to my little friend

Ok, let's just admit it, Catapults are awesome. If you owned one and could use it without legal ramifications there's likely nothing you wouldn't attempt to break, right? You would break all of the things.

Since it's not possible to use one today without ending up on the local six o'clock news, this game is probably your best bet. Sure, there are other catapult games out there but none like this.

Why is Catapult for Hire so great? Well, let's add another reason to the list. Legendary throwing machines. Let me introduce you to one of them, the ballista.

Greek ballistae were basically giant crossbows

There are many catapults that you can find, buy, win and craft in the game. Each of them feel different because of the way they move, sound and throw. The catapults vary in attributes like power and reload speed; however, some of the more legendary catapults have special abilities and payloads unique to that catapult.

Sometimes you'll have to pick the right war machine for the job, but don't worry, picking the wrong one is never too punishing. Choosing your catapult will simply give you the opportunity to figure out the right tool for the task and hopefully you will come up with some creative solutions.

The ballista pictured here is actually considered to be an "average" siege weapon in the world. It doesn't have any special abilities but it does have a lot of power and reloads relatively fast for the amount of power she packs. Other ballistae, like Nix's Bow, have special abilities that need to be employed when trying to get to some particularly hard to reach areas.

She's a sturdy launcher with lots of range and relatively fast reload speed.

Another example is the Dwarven Mangonel. It has a payload that expands to be 10 times as heavy and 10 times as large. The Dwarves have always had some serious size issues... This dwarven payload comes in handy when some extra weight is required, especially in tight spaces.

Of course it does a great job at launching bunnies

I really enjoy games that value discovery and give you motivation to explore every corner that you can reach. In Catapult for Hire your exploration is literally limited to the reach of your catapult so I'm hoping that will make the process of finding new catapults in the game a joyful and serendipitous one.

I hope you look forward to a future filled with the best throwing machines this side of the middle ages.