Screenshot Saturday
Dec 15, 2012
Tyrone Henrie

I'm still working day and night to get this baby done. It's really coming together! Things are a bit crazy as I'm working through a few logistical issues to ensure that this game will be great. Independent game development is like setting off your own personal atomic bomb that rips everything in your life apart. If you come out the other side and survive, you have a game!

This game is particularly challenging for me as it's hard for people to see right away why it's special because it's so different. It has to speak for itself and for the longest time it wasn't anywhere close to having it's own voice. Now it is far enough along so when people play they can get what the game is really about, but you have to play it. One fine day everyone will get to taste for themselves but until then, here are a couple screenshots to hopefully whet your appetite.

Again, thanks for your support, it really helps!

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