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New "How to" series

When people ask about the game I'm working on and I tell them it is called "Catapult for Hire" most of them think it's just another catapult game.

Not so!

It's impossible to describe exactly why the game is so different so I'm very happy that the game is getting to the point that I can show exactly why it's different.

There are a million and one artillery games out there but there is so much more here than the simple "throw stuff, hit stuff" gameplay.

Catapult for Hire is getting closer and closer to Beta every day and so I decided to start a new series of "How to" videos that will show some of the unique game mechanics that are not found in other games. This first video details a few of the ways that you can catch fish in the game:

Not only will you be able to take on jobs to earn gold and upgrades as you progress through the story but you can find hidden items and collect fish for crafting upgraded catapults and payloads.

I can't wait to continue to show why this will be the best catapult game ever! I hope you enjoy it!

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