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Adding Character

The mid-90's were a magical time for me. Having grown up playing Commodore 64, NES, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, hearing news of Nintendo's newest upcoming 3D console had this kid dreaming of endless possibilities.

I would dissect every issue of Nintendo Power, squeezing out every bit of new information about the Nintendo 64. During that time subscribers received VHS tapes from the trade show in Shoshinkai Japan with gameplay footage. I watched those videos nearly a hundred times.

This enthusiasm carried with me wherever I went, convincing my friends that the Nintendo 64 would change their lives forever. Sometimes I elaborated a bit too much. Once, in talking about Mario 64, I explained that the worlds were endless. If a player reached the edge of a world the game would continually generate new places for the player to explore. Procedurally generated worlds were something I had no clue about, but that's how I told everyone Mario 64 worked!

Finally sitting down to play Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64 was magical. My elaborate conceptions of the games weren’t exactly true, but the experience did not disappoint. There was something about these polygonal worlds that made me want to explore every inch available.

That’s the feeling I want to go back to with Catapult for Hire. There is something about throwing a projectile through the air and watching it from any angle that is so satisfying.

Not only did the worlds become more real in 3D but being able to see a character like Mario running around from any angle made him come alive.

My goal with Catapult for Hire is to create a world, that with a little imagination, you can get lost in. It’s important to me to create characters and art that have just enough detail so they can give you the feeling that the world is real, but they are not so detailed that they don’t leave any room for imagination. Of course this mantra is helpful for a currently one-man team. I can’t create the next “Call of Halo: Explosions Forever” all by myself! Nor do I want to...

Some of your clients

These are some of the clients that you will encounter in Catapult for Hire. Each has their own flair and types of jobs they need your help with. From left to right you have Elder Atoh and Woman Villager. I know, good name right? They usually need help with mundane agricultural tasks, but believe me, they will still be fun. Next you have Doc Hahm. He’s the smartest dude in all the land. Help him in testing his inventions and in return you'll get all kinds of cool gear. The little purple guy is the Village Idiot. An aspiring fashionista and gambler. He'll get you in plenty of trouble. Finally we have Lord Holdar. Having not been hurt as much by the collapsed economy as some he’ll be able to offer more than the average client in monetary rewards. That is, if you can handle dealing with his vanity.

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