"It's a game that I would not at all have been surprised to find out was being developed by a studio like DoubleFine, as it shares much of the instantly-endearing intangibles, humor, and creativity so often found at much larger independent studios. The fact that Catapult for Hire's development is ostensibly a one-man effort makes it all that more impressive." 
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Created by Tyrone Henrie. Coming to PC / Mac.

During a medieval economic meltdown an out-of-work knight decides to chase his passion, freelance catapultry. Explore a whimsical land with a dark story and solve world problems with throwing machines.


  • Experience a unique world that hearkens back to the Nintendo 64 era.
  • Discover legendary catapults and payloads with unique abilities.
  • Combine payloads with modifications like parachutes and rockets to solve puzzles and uncover ancient secrets.


Long ago the Kinglords were stewards of the land. With their vast riches they created technology the world had never known. Heralded for their exploits they grew in power and favor amongst the people. Hoarding the great minds and mages of the land they brought forth immense technological breakthroughs.

With their supreme technology and uncontested power, motives transformed from grace to greed. This greed grew exponentially alongside the economy. With the world at their fingertips they found themselves bored with having it all. They demanded that their servants find new ways to increase their wealth and thus a great exodus was planned. The Kings suddenly disappeared taking their wealth with them and the medieval economy collapsed.

Knottingsforth is a knight who made his living raiding castle treasuries but his true passion was the art of catapultry. Raiding castles was no longer plausible with the exit of the Kinglords as most treasuries were now empty. Realizing this, he pursued his passion to make a living in this new economy by doing freelance catapultry.

Take on the role of Knottingsforth to unlock secrets, obtain fantastic technology and find a way to make things right in the land once again.